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The Waco family law attorneys at Fair and Fair, PLLC serve family law clients in Waco, Temple, Killeen, and the surrounding Central Texas area.  Our approach to Texas family law is to work toward the best outcome for our clients, while striving to minimize the disruption of their lives, and the lives of their children. 

We keep in mind that keeping a constructive dialogue open between all parties is the best way to minimize further conflict during an already stressful time.  This approach not only works to reduce conflict and helps to lessen the psychological and emotional impact for all parties involved after the process is completed.  Additionally, this approach tends to help lessen the costs involved with the Texas divorce process.

Our firm strives to treat every client with respect by taking the time to understand their perspective by getting to know them as a person.  We like to think that we help clients transition to the next phase in their lives, along with assisting them through the legal process.  

Below is a list of the types of Texas family law matters we can help you with:

Waco Family Law Attorneys – Divorce

Few events in a person's life are as disruptive, painful, and emotionally taxing as a divorce.  Even the most cooperative of separating spouses experience some amount of emotional stress during the process.  And, divorce proceedings involving a significant amount of assets and children are particularly stressful for all parties involves.  

The need to make life-altering decisions regarding where you live, where your children live, and how you divide your existing property is extremely difficult, but our firm's Waco family law attorneys are there to help you draft an agreement that addresses your current needs with those that also protect you and your children's future.

Uncontested Divorces

Spouses who do not need to negotiate property division, asset division, and child custody and/or child support issues can part amicably and benefit from our firm's flat-fee uncontested divorce fees.  This type of arrangement helps to control costs because you will know up front exactly how much the process will cost.  To determine if a flat-fee uncontested divorce is advantageous to you, please look over our Uncontested Divorce page.

Collaborative Divorces

Also known as Collaborative Law or Mediation, this process attempts to minimize the scorched earth theory often accompanying divorces.  While there is a time and place for assertiveness in the divorce process, our firm believes that it is in the client's best interest to at least initially offer a process that advocates a non-adversarial approach to resolving family conflict and save costs.  A Texas collaborative divorce offers a solution-focused process that enables the parties to reach a mutually beneficial agreement that is unencumbered by the typical constraints of the Texas Family Code and court system.  By using a process that bypasses the court system, this method can considerably lower the costs, requirements, and delays that accompany Texas divorce litigation.

This process also allows clients to avoid the exposure of public trials, potentially adverse rulings from a judge or jury, and artificial timetables for civil litigation that were never designed to support family law conflict resolution.  In fact, a majority of the largest counties in Texas require collaborative divorce, or mediation, before allowing parties to set final hearings.  At the very least, this process can help parties dispense with a myriad of issues and help focus efforts at a final hearing on a few important issues.

Throughout this process, the Waco family law attorneys at Fair and Fair, PLLC can help evaluate your individual needs and circumstances to help you reach a settlement agreement that is right for you.  Together, we can work together to develop a strategy that puts you and your children in the best legal position possible.

Contested Divorces

Sometimes spouses cannot agree on all issues involved in the Texas divorce process and need a Waco family law attorney to help reach an agreement through the court system.  Due to the fact that all divorces have different people and circumstances involved, we offer cost-effective options for our clients that provide clarity in pricing and payment plans that are structured in accordance with certain events in the divorce process.

In general, we offer flat-fee contested divorces if spouses disagree on a few issues that can likely be resolved through a mixture of informal mediation and negotiation before a final hearing.  This helps to keep costs down and ensure a level of predictability in the process.  However, if negotiations fail and a final hearing is needed, we only charge an additional fee on top of the flat-fee for the hours preparing and appearing in court.

Overall, our firm strives to thoroughly evaluate your individual circumstances to recommend a plan that minimizes your stress, provide predictable payment plans, and helps ensure positive long-term outcomes for you and your children.

Texas Post-Judgment Family Law Modifications & Enforcement

Texas child custody, child support, and other relevant family law judgments are not written in stone.  It is sometimes necessary to revise an original agreement if unforeseen circumstances substantially and materially affect the situation between you and your former spouse.  The follow scenarios are common situations we see at our office:

1 - Parents of two children divorce in 2005 and agree to a certain child custody visitation schedule.  However, it is now 2017, the kids are older, involved in numerous activities, one of the spouses remarried, and the circumstances have significantly changed to a degree that the original agreement no longer works and is not in the best interest of the children.  This is a situation where a child custody modification is necessary.

2 - Parents of two children divorce in 2012 and agree to pay a specific amount of child support based on the paying spouse's current employment.  However, it is now 2017 and the paying spouse has become disabled and his/her current employment, income, and assets make it impossible to continue paying the support listed in the original agreement.  This is a situation in which a child support modification is necessary.

The Waco family law attorneys at Fair and Fair, PLLC work with clients to ensure that decisive and timely steps are taken to protect your rights and help ensure that agreements are reached for the best interests of yourself and your children.

Texas Premarital Agreements and Post-Marital Agreements

Contrary to popular belief, premarital agreements and post-marital agreements can help provide clarity, structure, and a plan to success in a marriage by helping to eliminate a common cause of divorce in Texas: money.  A Texas prenuptial agreement or a post-marital agreement can help address financial stressors that may become a significant source of discord in a marriage, and can help protect and secure your financial future. 

Additionally, a Texas post-nuptial agreement can serve as a fresh start and fortify a couple's marriage that has been affected by financial issues.  And, as more couples tend to marry later in life or remarry, many consider these types of agreements as a necessary step to ensure predictability and an orderly transition for the next stage in their lives.

Texas Adoption Law

A person's decision to adopt a children can be one of the most joyous and rewarding moment's of the parent and child's life.  Adoption is an altruistic and noble gesture that can be the beginning of a happier future for both the parent and child.  However, the decision to adopt is accompanied by a myriad of complex legal issues involving state, federal, and sometimes international law.

Often, couples who choose to adopt a child are concerned about the biological parents' consent.  We often hear questions from clients regarding what would happen if a biological parent has second thoughts, or if the biological parents reach out years later asking for consent to see their son or daughter.  Our goal as Waco adoption attorneys is to ensure that we thoroughly explain the adoption process and provide the legal support necessary to alleviate these concerns.

The Waco family law attorneys at Fair and Fair, PLLC strive to remain part of the adoption process from the time you decide to adopt a child until the adoption process is complete and you welcome the child into your home.  Our attorneys truly believe that bringing new families together through the adoption process is one of the best aspects of the legal profession.  Our goal is to serve you and your future child's best interest and prioritize the legal and emotional support you need to extend your family.

Why Choose Our Firm?

Work with Jean and Rick at Fair & Fair, PLLC for your family law needs and you will never be handed off to a paralegal or junior associate. Her personalized and friendly service will provide you with the quality and attention you deserve.

Our office strives to provide value to our clients.  That's why we generally charge flat fee rates for most family law services we provide. 

We know that quick and efficient service is an important consideration when choosing a Waco Family Law attorney.  While each case is different and timetables depend on the degree of conflict between spouses, our office strives to manage our family law cases in a timely manner, while keeping clients informed.



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  • Jean M. Fair is the principal attorney of Fair & Fair, PLLC, which maintains an office just outside the Waco, Texas city limits in Hewitt.  She practices law throughout Central Texas.  She enjoys getting to know clients and helping them find solutions to their particular legal needs.


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